Weather and Climate in Siena

Siena enjoys the temperate climate Tuscany in general exhibits. Of course, there are differences generated by geographical locations: unlike seaside cities and resort, Siena, which is a landlocked location, does not benefit from the mitigating influences of the sea breeze, for instance.

However, temperatures and humidity do not reach extreme values, turning Siena into an all-season destination. Rainfall, on the other hand, seems to be more abundant during certain periods of the year, which, from a tourist point of view, can be rather detrimental, preventing you from enjoying your stay in Siena to the full if you are particularly sensitive to weather influences.

The lowest temperatures are registered in December, with minimum values around 2 to 3 degrees Celsius, whereas July and August are the hottest months of the year, maximum temperatures stabilizing around 30 degrees Celsius. Moisture and rainfall reach peak values in November, but early spring can be just as bothering from this point of view.

Best time to visit Siena

However bearable extreme temperatures and levels of humidity might be in Siena, you can figure it out on your own it is best to travel to Tuscany when weather makes it possible for you to enjoy your stay without worrying about sunstrokes or irritating rainfalls.

In brief, Siena is best to be visited between April and June, as well as between late August and early October in order to avoid the necessity of constantly carrying an umbrella or making dramatic changes to your vacation outfits so you can adapt to weather changes.

Weather forecast for Siena

The following links allow you to see the weather forecast for 14 or 10 days beforehand, so you can make a general idea whether you need to take cautionary measures or not. Information is detailed on aspects like temperatures, humidity, chances of rainfall, atmospheric pressure, visibility.

14-day weather forecast for Siena provided by World Weather Online.

10-day weather forecast for Siena provided by

10-day weather forecast for Siena provided by Weather Forecast.