How to Get to Siena

Organizing your trip and vacation budget for a stay in Siena should start with how much you are willing to spend on the trip to the picturesque Tuscan city. Even if money is not a problem and you are willing to pay however much only to make sure the flight or the road benefits you with the pleasurable tourist experience you count on, it is better if you know your alternatives beforehand.

Siena is reachable by plane, by bus, by car and by train. Plenty of connections are available to other major Tuscan attractions nearby, so make sure you get all the necessary information before you set up your vacation agenda.

By plane

Sadly enough if you generally enjoy the comfort and rapidity of flight, the closest airport to Siena, i.e. Ampugnano Airport, is not in working order right now. In fact, it has been unavailable to mass tourism since almost a decade now.

Luckily, on the other hand, you can land at either Amerigo Vespucci (Florence Airport) or at Galileo Galilei (Pisa Airport), the largest gateways to Tuscany. You can cross the distance between Siena and its larger Tuscan neighbours either by train or by bus. If you prefer car rental, use the operators present at each of the two airports and take the motorways which lead directly to Siena.

By train

Siena is reachable by train from virtually anywhere in Italy. The most sought after connections are to Florence and Pisa, but other Tuscan destinations are also at hand by railroad.

From Pisa to Siena, you need to change trains at either Empoli or Montepescali (depending on your chosen route). If you travel via Empoli, the duration of the trip amounts to a little over an hour and a half, whereas via Montepescali, you can expect to be on the move for about three hours and a half.

If you land at Florence, trains to Siena travel either directly or with a call at Empoli. This alternative, however, streamlines your trip considerably.

In order to learn more about trips and connections, ticket prices and train departures and arrivals, as well as in order to make reservations, please visit Trenitalia. Information is also in English.

Siena Train Station

Siena Train Station is located some 2 kilometers from the historic center of the city. It is part of the Centostazioni network, which is in itself a guarantee for how the station is managed. It is fairly endowed with necessary facilities (public restroom, ticket office and automatic ticket machine, pharmacy, parking lot, eating and drinking venues).

It can be reached by bus or minibus or, if you prefer, you can call a taxi to take you to where you want to arrive in Siena. Please visit Siena Mobilita in order to learn about bus lines connecting the train station to the rest of the city.

Siena Train Station (Stazione di Siena)
Piazza Rosselli, 7, Siena, Italy

By bus

Eurolines connects Siena to virtually the entire Europe and Italy. Eurolines maintains two offices in Siena, unlike other cities in Italy. One is located in Centro Piazza Gramsci, and the other at Stazione di Siena. Inquiries can be address at [email protected]. Reservations and further information can be learned by visiting Eurolines.

Bus connections to all over Tuscany and even further afield are ensured by several companies. You can turn to their services if you want to explore in depth the tourist treasures of the country. Buses are anyway more popular than trains in this respect because they are faster, a matter of no little importance for travelers who want to make the best of their time spent in Tuscany.

Destinations like Florence, Pisa, San Gimignano, Volterra, Massa Marittima, Perugia and Rome are just minutes or, depending on distance, hours away from your vacation basecamp in Siena. TRAIN and BUSITALIA (or SITA, managed by Siena Mobilita) are the most reliable bus operators you want to take into account. Check bus schedules, network of destinations, ticket prices and make reservations by visiting BUSITALIA and TRAIN.

By car

Once in Italy, you can easily reach Siena by car. There are plenty of car rental operators at the major national and international airports, so all you need to do after booking a car is to learn a bit about the Italian network of motorways and roads. From Florence, you can take Raccordo Autostradale Firenze-Siena, which is, for that matter, the most straightforward road between Siena and other Italian cities.

From Pisa, one suggestion is to exit on A12 and then head east to Florence (on SGC Firenze-Pisa-Livorno), from where you head south on the same Florence-Siena Motorway.

If you land at Rome, take A1 and head north and then exit on E78 in order to get to Siena.

In order to visualize the map of roads and motorways in Italy, to keep posted with fees you might need to pay for using the roads and travel rules, please visit Autostrade per l’Italia.