Travel Tips to Siena

Useful phone numbers

While on vacation, certain situations might occur that exceed your ability or authority to act or make a decision on the spot. It is best to deal with such situations by turning to authorized entities able to cope with emergency situations. You might want to keep the following numbers in mind or write them down.

Municipal Police (Polizia Municipale):0039 0577 292550

Carabinieri: 112

Fire Department (Vigili del Fuoco): 115

State Police Emergency Interventions (Polizia di Stato Pronto Intervento): 113

Siena City Hall (Comune di Siena): 0039 0577 292111

Health emergencies / Ambulance (Pronto intervento / Ambulanza e Guardia medica): 118

Adequate footwear

Unlike most of the other urban destinations in Italy, when it comes to visiting Siena you need to be extra cautious about the footwear you intend to use. The city is spread on a hilly area and, as rewarding as this might sound if you are a fan of panoramic views, it will affect your vacation outfit.

There are plenty of limited traffic zones in Siena, which means the only way you can explore them is on foot. Adding the sloping relief, you can easily understand why there is so much fuss about your vacation shoes. Comfortable casual footwear with no pointy tips or excessively high heels comes highly recommended. Or, better yet, find a snug pair of sneakers to provide you with the ideal shoe fit that will keep you walking all day long without negative consequences in the long run (irritation, painful bunions, itches, blisters and whatnot).

Best time to visit Siena

According to most visitors’ opinion, the best intervals to visit Siena are late spring and early autumn. Given its mild temperate climate, temperature and moisture values never reach extreme levels. However, complete comfort for travelers sensitive to climatic influences is guaranteed in May and June, on the one hand, and in late August and September, on the other hand.